The internet has become the greatest resource and the greatest challenge in healthcare today.

Before the internet, rating/review websites and social media, Health Care Professionals (HCPs) built their reputations through word of mouth. New referrals came from satisfied patients and other HCPs. In today’s world of information overload, nearly four of five patients will go online first when researching a new HCP or other health information.

There are currently over 100 rating and review websites for health care providers in existence, and with more being created everyday, it can be overwhelming for a HCP trying to run their practice. Negative reviews, comments and claims can be made by anyone at any time. In many cases you may not even be aware of the review because there is no notification system in place from the sites.

Then, due to privacy laws, as well as the amount of time such functions can take, most HCPs are unable to make any response to or dispute what was written in any way. This forces the HCP to either ignore the situation or resort to a lawsuit. In this new age, it is imperative that you develop, cultivate, and maintain your online reputation IMMEDIATELY!

HCP Buzz: Your Social Media and Reputation Management Solution

HCP Buzz was founded to help Health Care Providers of all specialties to build, extend, manage and maintain their online presence. We assist in managing your online reputation as well as creating content on social media websites to expand your practice through educating your current patients and engaging new patients.

HCP Buzz Concierge Services include:

  • Monitoring, updating and managing the important rating and review sites
  • Providing strategy and response recommendations when appropriate
  • Setting up social sites and posting content to increase traffic to your URL and your practice
  • Developing tools to help you cultivate online reviews from your patients
  • Helping you market your practice online to potential patients
  • Aligning your online presence to your current practice location and information
  • And anything else you may need to ensure that your online presence is as strong as it can be