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Concierge Service

Concierge Service HCP Buzz understands that Health Care Professionals (HCPs) are busy and don’t have the time to manage their online reputation and maintain an online presence through social media. HCPs turn to us to manage and build online reputations because we simplify the process and help them succeed.

About Us

HCP Buzz helps HCPs enhance their online presence across physician reputation websites and through the use of social media. Our proprietary online reputation management reporting process and social media strategy provide HCPs with an easy way to engage patients and colleagues through the fastest growing medium in healthcare.

Monitoring & Reporting

HCP Buzz monitors your online presence daily. When someone posts a positive or negative review of your business, you will know about it and we will help you determine the best approach to each situation. You will receive regular reports and we will continually recommend a course of action to improve or maintain your online reputation.

Social Media

Social media marketing initiatives have taken off in the last few years. HCP Buzz can recommend a cost-effective social media strategy that connects your practice to your current patients and provides an opportunity to engage potential patients with educational content. Let us help you get connected!